In an era of just-in-time delivery, how is it possible that the world’s biggest corporations don’t know what human rights and environmental abuses go on in their supply chains? In fact, not knowing what’s happening in your supply chain may be fundamental to contemporary global capitalism (and apologies for recommending an article that refers to blockchain as a “gamechanger” but it’s only indirect). Moving on, I’m dubious about this but did post-financial crisis prudential rules exacerbate inequality? Doesn’t seem to fit well with the argument that it decreased inequality … And, finally, what’s behind Elon Musk’s talk about taking Tesla private?


Who’s to blame for the economic crisis facing Turkey and the brutal Erdogan regime? Some say Donald Trump but others point to the cesspit of corruption and nepotism that is the Erdogan regime. Turkey ranks 81st on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception index; a recent report warns of a “high” or “moderate” risk of corruption in every area of Turkish public life. Perhaps Erdogan can jail Turkey’s economics profession? Meanwhile rampant corruption in Iran (it’s 130th on TI’s list, only five places above Russia) is exacerbating the re-imposition of US sanctions.