Queensland senator Oswald Mosley has a problem. He is unelected, with support barely into double figures at the 2016 election -- 17 votes, suggesting he can't muster a score of friends and family to vote for him; he was undemocratically shoehorned into the Senate after a then-party colleague failed to do some simple paperwork, and his term runs out on June 30. He has walked out on the party on which he rode into the senate, and taken up with a party that got 1.79% of the Queensland senate vote in 2016. His political career is inevitably destined to be a political trivia night question unless he can massively boost his name recognition on the ballot paper next year.

His answer: make the media -- social and mainstream -- and the rest of the political class give him that boost by so outraging them they collectively turn him into a household name. Just because Mosley has moved on from One Nation, doesn't mean he hasn't learnt from the example of Pauline Hanson.