Yesterday, it became clear that Crikey readers are going to take some convincing that Malcolm Turnbull is currently in any position of strength, as Bernard Keane speculated. Elsewhere, on the subject of the super fund murkiness being exposed by the royal commission, we got some insight into how corruption and mismanagement is simply business as usual.

On the Coalition's hidden recovery.

Arky writes: Parliament is sitting again -- the lead will blow out again. This has literally been the pattern of Turnbull’s PMship. The lead ebbs and blows with Parliamentary sittings, because these are the times Turnbull and the Coalition are exposed to the public. The likes of Mark Kenny have been rightly mocked for taking every opportunity to proclaim that this time Turnbull is turning the corner, really, honest, only to be proven wrong (and of course never acknowledging they got it wrong). Maybe give it another fortnight before doing a Kenny.