A vicious, bridge burning last speech by a politician or a public servant (people usually keeping their own counsel and toeing the party line) carries a similar thrill to an action star walking away from an explosion without looking back, and this week gave us a couple of gems. In honour of the two decidedly thorned farewells from John Lloyd and Tim Soutphommasane, Crikey has decided to look back over our favourite poisoned kiss-offs. 

John Lloyd

John Lloyd -- as head of the Australian Public Service Commission -- was perhaps the most Abbottian public service appointment of Tony Abbott era. A publicly funded Institute of Public Affairs helper and industrial relations hardliner who succeeded only in wounding what he was put in charge of, and failing to live up to the standards he himself set. Before tottering out of the door on whatever remains of his bullet-riddled feet, he gave a dreary account of stifling political correctness that would have done the man who hired him proud: