At least the NRL game on Nine last night was a cracker -- North Qld beat Brisbane narrowly and even the NRL Footy Show straight afterwards was more interesting than it has been for weeks. The remainder of last night’s offerings were just dire. With no AFL on Seven it must have been a dreadful night in those markets. That NRL game certainly helped Nine to a big win. The NRL game attracted 466,000 in the metros and 260,000 on Fox Sports 

In the battle of the AFL football skewing shows, Seven’s Front Bar again won the AFL metros (Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth) with 318,000 to 237,000 for the AFL Footy Show on Nin -- Melbourne's share was 209,000 viewers to 175,000. Over on Ten, Pointless fell to 236,000 in the metros while the 5pm News averaged 366,000, and the 6.30 pm first half of The Project averaged 293,000. So it is now clear that Ten viewers are avoiding Pointless. The end is nigh when this trend starts showing up in the ratings.