Good news and bad news for the Donald -- mostly bad -- in a congressional election widely seen as a first rehearsal for the midterms coming up in three months. Ohio’s twelfth district sits right in the middle of the state, and runs in a boomerang shape from the eastern side of Columbus -- I've been to Columbus six times, please god, never again -- out to the exurbs, and back around a swathe of farm country and small auto-parts towns (were auto-parts towns, now Big Meth has the franchise).

The place has been Republican since the end of World War II, aside from one two year period; it’s governor and #neverTrump pinup John Kasich’s old district (other previous incumbents include Joe Pugsley and DeWitt C. Badger). This year's race (which ended only hours ago) was neck-and-neck, a fact that had been terrifying to Republicans. In the end, the Democrats haven't succeed in taking the seat, though they ran it to a photo-finish, with Republican Troy Balderson beating Democrat Danny O’Connor 101,000 to 98,000 votes. In 2016, the seat went Republican, 250,000 votes to 112,000, and has been rated anything from +12 to +25 leaning Republican until recently.