Jed Villejo youth millennials
Image credit: Jed Villejo/Unsplash.

“In a cluttered digital environment, fresh approaches are needed to ensure stories are created, published and shared in ways that are most useful to audiences.” This is the sort of lifeless PowerPoint language that always makes me long for death. It is also the means by which the ABC chose to herald its latest project, or, more properly, shareable multi-format content-harnessing project for hip-to-the-street-beat millennials, AKA ABC Life.

Let’s have a look, then, and see how that age range of persons is served. With a jazzy upbeat hip-to-the-doof-club leading article: advancing in your career without having to manage people. Marvel as the ABC addresses a fictional group of stakeholders who get to choose not only to have a career, but to excel creatively and financially in its many non-managerial and entirely productive trajectories totes available to all prepared to work hard enough to Be Excellent.