The Project plastic bag ban

The blue bits of the planet contain 5 trillion plastic pieces and some very pissed off fish. The brown bits host more of this microplastic mess. The global food supply chain is chockers with inorganic waste and so, in the view of several eminent sea turtles, is the marketing department for Coles. Earlier this week, the supermarket chain unveiled its cleverly revised plan for plastic: offer customers more of it at no charge. Now, it has revised this revision.

Nonetheless, our “commentators” will argue about the dirty great mound of waste on TV as though the matter is not decided. We can be sure that Steve Price will continue to be reckless with a future in which he, and all similar “commentators”, may be deprived of Steak Diane at the club in an insecure food future. They did it on The Project this week and, doubtless, they will do it again -- Waleed et al will chide him for his terrible ways and then give him a platform to spruik them.