Things aren't looking too radiant for the uranium industry and its assorted spruikers -- including the George Monbiot types on the left who think nukes are the only solution to climate change. The new Flamanville nuclear reactor that has been under construction for years at the very northwestern tip of France is facing new delays and higher costs. 

We've been reporting on delays and cost blowouts at Flamanville for nearly nine years so the news of more isn't especially surprising. 

In April, French power giant EDF said that problems with the welding at the site might have an impact on the costs and the schedule for starting the nuclear reactor. On Wednesday, the company confirmed that 33 of 148 inspected welds showed quality defects and needed to be repaired. As a result it had “adjusted the Flamanville schedule and construction costs". It won't start up until the fourth quarter of next year and the final cost has been revised up from €10.5 billion to €10.9 billion", or AU$14.7 billion.