All glory and thanks be to the rescuers of those dear little boys trapped for 18 days in Thailand’s Tham Luang cave. Had this plucky team taken just a day or two longer, they risked publication of another story by Paul Toohey. Surely, our compassionate, hopeful human hearts could have borne not one more serve of oily gratification. Surely, we’ve had it up to the mitral valve with reminders of our shared humanity, our capacity for thoughts, prayers etc.

Toohey, of course, is hardly alone in his uncritical love for the Human Spirit. He’s hardly the first to make claims for our innate ability to ascend to greatness blah blah in this newer version of the allegory of the cave. He was, however, among the first to write that this rescue story was the “good news story” we needed. Call me old-fashioned, but I do find such open declarations morally crass, if not actually deluded.