The UK government would appear to be in the throes of crisis, with the resignation first of "Brexit" secretary David Davis and then foreign secretary Boris Johnson, following a "soft Brexit" process hammered out by UK Prime Minister Theresa May in a 12-hour meeting of cabinet ministers held incommunicado at Chequers, the PM’s country residence.

The deal was yet another twist in the torturous Brexit saga, which has become a nightmare for those who had imagined that a "yes" vote would yield a quick exit, a return of the gold standard, hogshead beer measures and British India. It has become increasingly clear to them that there is to be no swashbuckling free trade deal to be made between the UK and the EU. It’s either a customs deal -- which continues EU control over large parts of UK laws -- or no deal at all, simply an exit, which leaves trade processes in limbo, and the question of the six-county/26-county (Northern Ireland/Republic) border in chaos.