David Leyonhjelm

The David Leyonhjelm–Sarah Hanson-Young brouhaha rolls on, with Senator Hanson-Young having issued a demand for an apology and financial compensation, as well as a deadline ahead of a potential libel action, and Leyonhjelm so far refusing to offer an apology. So far.

Since the Sky News appearance that prompted Hanson-Young’s legal demand, Leyonhjelm’s defenders have melted away. That is aside from a typically whacky item from former Leyonhjelm staffer, Helen Dale/Darville/Demidenko in the Oz, which suggests that women Green senators had started it by "going low". "Going low" apparently involves making arguments about the nature of male violence against women, which is apparently equal to Leyonhjelm making allegations about Hanson-Young’s personal life.