The piano riff, simple 12 notes, endlessly beguiling, rises and falls, and John Waite’s voice breaks across it almost immediately: "falling in love was the last thing I had on my mind", and then the pace picks up as the drums start. The atmos is clear, oceanic, as the female vocal line starts and the song rushes to its thundering climax.

Yes, it could only be that acme of the strange genre known as powerpop, The Babys' "Isn’t It Time", a middling hit in its US home, hitting No. 13, but a No. 1 in Australia. It hit the top spot in March 1978, and stayed on the charts for months, in those days when music moved slowly, attached to things. It’s a classic of the non-punk side of the late '70s, a song with the lushness of prog rock shoved into the tight form of the three-minute pop song. It was a distant echo of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, of the Beach Boys' "teenage symphony to God"; it sounds like them all in summary.