Boy, the quality of Ramsay Centre propaganda has declined, hasn’t it, since ANU supremos Brian Schmidt and Gareth Evans revealed that the centre wanted a Stasi-like process of commissar-auditors in lectures, as part of the deal. The "moderate" Ramsayites have melted away, leaving only the Catholic Leninists like Greg Sheridan, Baldrick to Tony Abbott’s Blacka-- no, that doesn’t work, they’re both Baldricks -- to do what they can to try and wreck any possible deal between the Ramsay Centre and Sydney University, so that the centre can be shunted to the taxpayer-supported Australian Catholic University, under the watchful eye of its $1.25 million per year VC Greg Craven.

Trouble is, by now the Ramsay Centre’s reputation has been so trashed by the Ramsay’s Catholic Leninist faction that it may be too hot for the ACU to handle – leaving the Ramsay to be shunted off to an outfit like Notre Dame University in Fremantle and Sydney, a more explicitly Catholic outfit. Well, they can have it if they want. It appears to be all but dead in the public university.