Did the attack by Rowan Dean, Ross Cameron and David Leyonhjelm on Sarah Hanson-Young serve "the promotion of journalistic standards"? How about the punishment of a young (female) producer for what they did, instead of the hosts and guest? How about the regular stream of bile and abuse directed by Sky News' stable of far-right commentators, unleashed every night to pander to 50,000 (if they're lucky) angry old white men? How about the hiring of Mark Latham despite his history of being dumped by other outlets for his offensive views?

The man ultimately responsible for this is Angelo Frangopoulos, head of News Corp-owned Sky News. Frangopoulos received an unusual honour for a media executive on Australia Day this year -- a gong from the government. He was made a member of the Order of Australia “for significant service to the broadcast media sector, to higher education and the promotion of journalistic standards, and to the community.”