History will obviously look back unkindly on this little phase, while we await the replacement of neoliberalism by the next big thing. Whether that be the new fascism (fun!) or something a little kinder waits to be seen. How this time will be labelled we don’t yet know, but I’m thinking the Age of the Naughty Little Boy might be in the running.

Ranging from the fantastical Donald and Kim show, through the pseudo-intellects of Jordan Peterson and numbing antics of Milo Yiannopoulos, all the way down to Australia’s sad would-be’s like Mark Latham and, well, most of the night-time line-up on Sky News, Naughty Little Boys are tumbling across the landscape, consuming limitless media oxygen. Each fresh outrage spurs them on; the boundaries of decorum fall like ninepins before their fearless pursuit of the politically incorrect.