Jonathan Denney prying eyes

Image credit: Jonathan Denney

New polling from Roy Morgan, released early to Crikey for our Prying Eyes series, shows Australians are deeply concerned about the way their personal information is exploited by corporations -- but unwilling or unable to take action themselves to protect it.

Polling by Roy Morgan, based on a sample size of 967 people, examined a number of issues around attitudes to online privacy and people's responses to the way their information was being provided to, and used by, corporations. And Australians are deeply worried about their data. For example, between 85-92% of respondents regarded it as "somewhat unacceptable" or "very unacceptable" that companies collect personal financial data, scrape the contents of emails, or collect health and medical data for the purposes of displaying targeted advertising to people, or collect such data to assess people's eligibility for certain products or services. Similarly, 76% of people objected to the collection of data about political or social views to share with political parties; 52% objected to "monitoring your online behaviour to show you relevant ads and offers".