Yesterday, readers were quick to point out that even when the ABC board do poke their heads about the rampart, we're reminded they're not up for the task, and suggested some alternatives. Other readers pointed out that Tim Singleton-Norton's article on Turnbull's erosion of digital privacy leaves out the complicity of a certain opposition party, while at least one reader considers the issue a non-starter. 

On the ABC board's missing defence

Paul Munro writes: I think Bernard Keane's call for ABC Board members to be forthright in defence of the ABC does not pay due regard to how lightweight those members are, individually or collectively. They have been handpicked to be docile; look at their respective backgrounds, essentially the set of cronies from the corporate media sector. Perhaps even more important is to recognise the extent to which the unrelenting assault on the ABC for bias, on its finances, on its competitive fairness, are all part and parcel of a deployment by the neo-liberal libertarian-economics of a well tried arsenal to weaken any counter to mediocratic forces at their command.