Anthony Albanese

Last Friday, Anthony “Albo” Albanese made a speech. Since then, many public persons have reviewed its content, but have had little to say about its quality. This is a bit of a shame. Or, at least, it is a shame for me or any person like me whose interest in what centrist politicians have to say is diminished by the fact of having already heard them say it often. I am not curious to learn what I already know: this politician is very keen on (a) economic growth and (b) personally delivering that economic growth to the nation. I am now curious to learn if they expressed this artistically or well.

It is the view of The Guardian’s Katharine Murphy that this was an appeal not to the people of the Shellharbour Workers’ Club, but to the ALP itself, which must not be seen to smooch with the tiny trade union movement so publicly. As Murphy has it, Albanese is not driven chiefly by ambition, but the urge to save his party. I have no reason to suspect that this reporter does not know what’s what, and perhaps the guy did revive the stinking corpse of the Third Way with all the best intentions.