Joe Hockey

Once, Instagram was a gallery of the many things we could never hope to buy: Michelin meals; naked Kardashians; an unhurried Tuscan holiday, or any sort of holiday, with the kids. Now, it has evolved to include a gallery of the power we can never hope to share. Leaders offer idealised vision of themselves, of the future they plan to command. The portraits of Narendra Modi communicate unyielding strength. Those of Pope Francis communicate a sort of holy candour. Justin Trudeau’s communicate Hot Disney Prince.

Joe Hockey’s account does communicate The Fonz at times, but I believe this is accidental. Our former treasurer and current Ambassador in Washington DC has no interest in communicating a brand. He has some interest in communicating his admiration for the Australian all-male vocal group Human Nature; by my reckoning, they are his second favourite subject of photography, likely to soon be eclipsed by a puppy he recently acquired. His favourite subject is himself.