Seven’s night easily, again thanks to House Rules (1.33 million nationally, another series high for a Wednesday night). Ten’s Masterchef averaged 1.07 million nationally. The World Cup on SBS from 9.30 (Portugal-Morocco) was decided in the first few minutes with another Ronaldo goal, but 667,000 viewers watched and that dominated the night until the end around 12.30am. That is why the commercial networks were happy to have Optus stream most of the games instead of SBS. Now that SBS has all the qualifiers plus some of the finals, commercial viewing will be disrupted and SBS will make some nice dough from selling ads to desperates who thought they would have been locked out.

With another AFL game on tonight, Nine’s AFL Footy Show and Seven’s The Front Bar were broadcast last night. And it was a very easy win for The Front Bar with 357,000 national viewers and 191,000 in Melbourne, to 276,000 and just 134,000 in Melbourne for the AFL Footy Show on Nine. The Nine effort tried to trade off Australia’s presence in the World Cup - that was a fail - 175,000 were watching the Portugal-Morocco game in Melbourne.