Razer's Class Warfare

Jun 14, 2018

Razer: enjoy this golden age of TV while it lasts (which won’t be for much longer)

The Sopranos ushered in a renaissance for the small screen, latterly continued by Netflix et al. But the economic reality of running an entertainment business like Netflix will crunch hard — and soon. So enjoy this golden age of TV, while you still can.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

westworld cast shot

The cast of Westworld

This week, video streaming colossus Netflix was beset by worldwide outages. The papers are calling this a mystery disappearance; I call it a clear case of over-demand. Of course Netflix servers broke during the Kim-Trump summit. Network TV gave itself over so fully that day to hours of saying nothing real or unexpected, fiction became our realistic choice.

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12 thoughts on “Razer: enjoy this golden age of TV while it lasts (which won’t be for much longer)

  1. Carlene Colahan


  2. Arky

    Clickbait headline with no payoff other than Helen making an unsupported assertion. Yay.

    1. Helen Razer

      I know, right. Crazy to say that a diminishing number of competitors for profit in a particular sector will diminish competition. Wild to draw on the concept of golden ages in art, too.
      No support for such cycles at all. Just made up the reality business to amuse self.

      1. Arky

        It’s a lot of verbiage to make the obvious historical point that hey, good times don’t last forever in any form of endeavour whatsoever.

  3. AR

    Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death” pinged it decades ago – form excludes content – as the world burns!

  4. zut alors

    Netflix et al will offer a very restricted golden age to Oz regional viewers according to today’s report on the ABC News website:


    The third-rate Turnbull/Abbott NBN is unable to cope with the 21st century.

  5. Vasco

    The Good Fight was good too and you are quite correct Helen imho.

  6. albacore

    If this is a golden age I’m Annabel Crabb’s left teat.

  7. Dog's Breakfast

    I spent much longer than you would imagine last night checking out all the things I don’t have the time to watch on Netflix. I agree HR, there’s real quality on offer just from netflix let alone the others. FTA tv is a dead zone. I’ll have to bring my retirement forward to catch them all.

  8. Xoanon

    I think I could make my peace with the end of the Golden Age of Television, excellent though it has been. Trying to catch up with all the Netflix/Stan stuff I want to see is eating into my reading time, and I never watch old favourites any more either.

    1. Helen Razer

      X, was discussing the very same with a mate just this week. Immersive telly like Breaking Bad ruined us for the immersive reading we used to do.
      It’s okay. We’re just a few acquisitions away from it all going awry. Then, we’ll have a little more time to catch up on centuries of writing.

  9. Wallywonga

    Declaring a “golden age” may be a bit brave, but considering only the most basic consumer parameters, volume and availability, that is true.
    I can add a few more to your list of “outstanding” series, but when you consider the billions of dollars being spent, and thousands of series being offered by the streamers, the overall success rate is pretty low.
    Consumer pressure inevitably pushes the greed button, and for some reason this leads to a priority of production over content. Some of the recent supposedly well credentialled series have paper thin plots and dialogue pace that could hardly outdo “Days of Our Lives”.
    The next phase (already happening) is the control and manipulation of “critique” , so it just becomes harder for the discerning to find the good stuff. Sigh!!

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