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Jun 13, 2018

Now the real game begins between the US and North Korea

The flag-waving of the Trump-Kim summit may suggest the fateful proposition of peace in our time, but the list of unknowns is too great to bank on any one outcome.

Professor Damien Kingsbury

Crikey international affairs commentator

Donald Trump Kim Jong-un 2

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un have bested their doubters and not only smiled and shaken hands but have signed off on a document committing to the Holy Grail of contemporary diplomacy -- the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

Both will be able to go home with a win in their pocket and great visuals for their respective masses. But what comes next, and how easily is this hard work undone?

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7 thoughts on “Now the real game begins between the US and North Korea

  1. Rais

    It would be good to be able to regard an end to the Korean hostilities as an opening for peace but experience suggests otherwise. I remember when the dissolution of the Soviet Union was being hailed as the outbreak of a new area of peace. A Croatian colleague looked at me and said “Who will be the next enemy?” She was right of course. The Military-industrial Complex needs war and war needs the creation of enemies. Soon war was raging in the Middle East and Afghanistan. It still is. So a peace agreement in Korea is no good news for those of us who have friends or relatives in the Middle East or Afghanistan. It will just provide an opportunity for a more concentrated war effort there unless the creation of new enemies in China and Russia provides a distraction. For that to happen this present president will have to be removed because he counts Presidents Xi and Putin among his friends.

    1. Rais

      Sorry, “area of peace” should read “era of peace.” I should pay better attention to what my predictive speller is doing.

  2. Rameses

    >The real game, however, is just beginning.
    Quite so but the public game is not the private game.
    So what private causes might there be to induce NK to cooperate?
    An anticipated harvest failure? That does not seem to have worried NK’s leaders before.
    A change in space weapon technology?
    China worried that its game with the US will be gazumped by military action against NK?
    The cause of all those strange sounds heard in the northern hemisphere?

  3. jmendelssohn

    I can’t help feeling that in these global manouvers, the USA is playing Draughts, while the Chinese are playing the ancient strategic game of Go.

  4. AR

    It was obvious from several questions at the Drumpfster’s presser last night that he has no inkling that “the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula” means his toys as well.
    As with the campaign “debates” his meanderings were just word salad.

  5. gjb

    I wonder if Trump can exploit NK as a new avenue for his dodgy businesses? brokerage fees for huge loans to NK??
    Do they have mineral/ gas/ oil resources waiting to be plundered??
    China is happiest about this ”agreement” they get what they want as you have well highlighted Damien.

  6. Robert Garnett

    The US is a violent nation.

    They have killed millions since WWII and wish to remain the major bully of the world.

    They have two major obsessions; China and Russia. The biggest problem they have with North Korea is not their nukes, it is NK’s artillery along the demilitarized zone which threatens Seoul. If they can get rid of this and make friends with North Korea, they can concentrate on containing China and Putin. If they don’t, they risk NK setting off a war which will rapidly bring China into the conflict as per the last Korean war, with Putin not far behind. They know a real war with China and Putin would not end well for them.

    One of the benefits of Trump is that he is a fairly normal, unsophisticated kind of guy who actually enjoys other people, particularly people like him gregarious ratbags of whom Kim Jon Un is certainly one. I love it how the media keeps calling KJU reclusive. What the f..k does that mean? Everyone knows who he is. He doesn’t spend his time in an Un skyscraper like Trump does in the Trump Tower or spend the rest of his time on the Un golf course. I like the guy, and if he has nukes aimed at Toongabbie Light and Power, well good on him! This is a sign of great respect. It just requires that the CEO of TLP will have to do the same sort of deal that Trump is doing. No problem. I don’t mind going to Singers for a few days if that’s what it takes.

    I’m not frightened of KJU I’m frightened of the US like most other poor people. My dentist is Korean and he’s great. I’ve had 10 crowns, about 20 root canals and we still remain friends. It’s also why I’m poor. I even fixed his electric kettle a couple of weeks ago. He does talk a lot though, but mostly in English so I sort of know what he’s going on about even though I often have a lot of trouble answering him. He rang me up today about his surgery compressor. It wouldn’t go. I got him to check the oil level in the crankcase, but the oil wasn’t in the crankcase, it was on the ground. It’s not rocket science for sake.

    The US never attacks any country which can fight back. The only successes they have had with the Barbary pirates, the Catholic Church in South America (liberation theology) and Iraq War Number 1.

    They would love to attack Iran, but I’ll bet they won’t. Trump may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but even he will realize that it’s not Iraq and it doesn’t really have any WMD. (Although most ordinary Arab people wish they did)

    They won’t attack the Chinese, because the Chinese kicked their arse after WWII, but threatening Putin and the Chinese hedges their bets when it comes to justifying the Military-Industrial complex. I mean Gorby really pulled the rug out from under them when he started glasnost and perestroika. They had no-one to hate. If they can build up China and Putin and if just one of these pulls out they won’t be left high and dry like the last time.

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