Seven’s night, although Nine and Ten could also claim success in some of the demos. Nine had a case of having absolutely nothing of interest after 7.30 pm. Its House Rules spoiler, Buying Blind, headed lower on the second night out -- 786,000 viewers nationally against 898,000 for the debut a week earlier. That is not a keeper. Over on the ABC, 7.30 suffered another weak night with 721,000 nationally, which was lower than Back In Time For Dinner (825,000) an hour later. Ten though has Masterchef with 1.16 million, the second most watched non-news program after House Rules, 1.17 million nationally. In breakfast, Sunrise with 449,000 easily beat Today with 326,000.

In the regions Seven’s 6pm News led the night with 609,000, then Seven News/Today Tonight with 510,000 followed by House Rules with 461,000, Home and Away with 430,000, and 5.30pm bit of The Chase Australia with 399,000.