Jun 12, 2018

Home Affairs admits involvement in ‘good Muslims’ recruitment scheme

How does a post-doctoral sociologist end up in a swish Sydney conference centre listening to what she soon recognised as horseshit promoted by Peter Dutton's Home Affairs Department?

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

This past autumn, academic and Crikey contributor Shakira Hussein took in a decent meal and an agreeable view of Sydney Harbour. This past weekend, The Saturday Paper published what would quickly become her widely read account of that day spent in Woolloomooloo. The piece, of particular interest to Gosford’s rebel reverend Rod Bower and anonymous others who had attended similar events, reveals a little more than we Australians have previously seen about the state work often known in the West as Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

Read it. It’s very good. But, it does omit all details of the lunch. So today, Crikey exclusively reveals Hussein enjoyed an assortment of Lebanese-themed vitals and a fruit plate of mid-to-premium quality.

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9 thoughts on “Home Affairs admits involvement in ‘good Muslims’ recruitment scheme

  1. gjb

    All CVE is a waste of time and tax payer money, as is sociology as a whole.
    Why waste time on reporting any of this ?

    1. Zeke

      Perhaps you consider any sciencey stuff a waste of time. What makes you think sociology is a waste of time? Don’t you like scientific investigation into how society works? Such research may help avoid conception of stupid, wasteful and damaging CVE programs in the future.

      1. AR

        If there is a subject less sciencey than economics it would have to be sociology.
        A collection of shibboleths, prejudices and rank stupidity from a by-gone era which served only to reinforce obedience & conformity – no wonder the wanker brigade took to it.

    2. Helen Razer

      Why waste time reporting on a waste of your taxes?

  2. AR

    I read the book’s name as “The Secularisation of Muslim Women” which would be a thing greatly to be desired.
    Maybe then they could enlighten their menfolk.

    1. Zeke

      If Muslim women were secularized then they’d no longer be Muslim.

  3. rhwombat

    If Shakirais is Eeyore, does this make you Kanga or Tigger?

  4. rhwombat

    Darth Tuber probably finds your lack of faith disturbing. Keep up the good work.

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