Tony Abbott NEG IPCC report

Last Friday, the email went pinging around the country, to wit that sadly the Australian National University would not now be hosting the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation, as the criteria for sponsorship had conditions the university could not agree with. "The media inquiries number is staffed out-of-hours," Dean Rae "Toto" Frances added.

We bet it is. The Ramsay was knocked on the head after Tony Abbott snatched defeat from the gut of victory with a Quadrant online article a few days earlier, stating that the Ramsay must not only study Western civilisation but be "for" it. With that basic travesty of free thought coming from the centre’s self-proclaimed progenitor, the thing was dead in the water. A concerted campaign against it by the NTEU, and ANU students, helped -- and your correspondent will take a little credit for Wednesday’s article which banged the drum on Abbott’s intervention of genius. You takes your wins where you can. Physically, I am a fat and bibulous man. Politically, I have the metabolism of a starved hyena, and this win will keep me going for months.