Well, "student politics" Socialist Left consigliere Gavin Jennings called manoeuvres at the Victorian State Labor conference, held at Moonee Valley racecourse ("student politics" being the standard term, for "we lost that one"). Motions on a live export ban, changing the Australia Day date, and ending offshore processing were all deferred to the sycophants' graveyard of the administrative committee.

The gag motion was a product of a CFMEU-AWU alliance, a first outing for the "Industrial Left – Centre Unity" faction, working together smooth as butter knife on toast. CFMEU supremo John Setka, whose photo appearance after his court victory last week showed him, bottle of Jagermeister in hand (talk about student politics; we bet his office is decorated with a shelf of empties and a souvenir traffic cone) said the gag motion was a win for "democracy". Yeah, yeah.