May 23, 2018

John Lloyd and the fine art of shooting oneself in the foot

Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd is adamant that criticising shadow ministers in private emails is a breach of the public service code of conduct. Which — oops — seems to be exactly what he did.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Is Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd under investigation? After initially refusing to answer questions about being under investigation on Monday in the wake of the Canberra Times' revelation about FOI documents, Lloyd decided yesterday that he was going to answer them, and the answer was "no".

Earlier yesterday, officials from the Department of Finance said a complaint about Lloyd had been referred to the Merit Protection Commissioner. So Lloyd has been referred for investigation in relation to his emails with the IPA and the fact that Lloyd did research for the right-wing thinktank on taxpayer time, but he says he's not under investigation. Which of course makes one wonder why he declined to answer in the first place. Possibly just because he's not under investigation now doesn't mean he may not come under investigation.

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6 thoughts on “John Lloyd and the fine art of shooting oneself in the foot

  1. klewso

    Lloyd’s day job.

  2. leon knight

    The IPA is the main reason why we need a federal ICAC, their activities and funding need to be thoroughly examined publically.

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    What a Muppet. People who aren’t professional public servants are always being caught out by their hubris, arrogance and general ignorance, because professional public servants actually understand accountability. What a Muppet, what a maroon.

  4. dennis

    Wonder how many other fascist sycophant’s in the Public Service?

  5. klewso

    Defined by this supercilious attitude that they know what’s right – that their sort of scrutiny is not only best, but warranted for “the greater (conservative) good”, that they can dictate what others do and how to do it : yet when the tables are turned and they’re subjected to that same scrutiny and call for accountability they want to duck and dive to avoid that accountability – as if their “born to rule right”, their entitlement?

  6. AR

    Our Deep State is pretty damned shallow.

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