The Australian's Chris Mitchell (Image: AAP)

Jennifer Oriel is back in form! The little bird of Monday morning is chirping the crazy like crazy this week. Here’s how her article begins:

The fix is in. Queer activists will use fear of sharia to create a moral panic about freedom of religion. Suddenly laissez-faire liberals have developed a distaste for pluralism. They claim that codifying freedom of religion will result in sharia. They fail to comprehend fundamental freedoms in context.

Whut? Yes, hysteria about sharia law and halal wasn’t a product of the right — it’s them damn queers, who want to stop the bogus “freedom of religion” nonsense arising in the wake of the SSM Yes vote. You know, Mardi Gras activists like Miranda Devine (“Quest for sharia law is out of line”), Alan Jones and Ayaan Hirsi Ali — oh and of course Pauline Hanson.

The rest of the piece is unhistorical drivel about Christianity, but what’s worth noting is this: even when there is an argument that splits the right down the middle, they can’t acknowledge it. No wonder they are losing every important cultural-political battle. I guess faith denies proof.

Chris “Eraserhead” Mitchell’s weekly ramble in the backblocks — much loathed, we are told, inside News Corp itself — has the usual sage wisdom presented as hard fact:

Howard’s battlers and Kevin Rudd’s working families are more honest than those who claim they would prefer better government services to tax cuts. Many will buy Morrison’s line that they know better than governments what’s best for their money.

Honest? Ah, what he means is this: an Australia Institute-commissioned survey showing that most Australians want more government action using taxation, not less. All those people are lying to pollsters to distort the opinions of honest “working families”. The Frankfurt School will be poisoning the wells with wind-turbine syndrome next.