May 22, 2018

Four times Labor rolled over on draconian national security legislation

Sometimes it feels like we don't actually have an opposition party in this country, especially when it comes to the Coalition's attempts to broaden and concentrate national security powers.

Chris Woods — Freelance journalist

Chris Woods

Freelance journalist

News that the Coalition aims to give police the power to demand ID papers at airports came as a significant blow to Australian civil rights last week.

Defence is, after all, a Liberal issue, and when you look at what Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has done with the judiciary, people seeking asylum, and certain failed crackdowns on visa fraud, giving police the power to demand ID without proper cause just sounded like another step in the slow march to inevitable, absolute surveillance.

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14 thoughts on “Four times Labor rolled over on draconian national security legislation

  1. Marilyn

    The two major parties are nothing but a cartel and if either move out of line with the ranting Murdoch rags on ”national security” they are crucified. So much easier for the lazy trash to crucify us.

  2. Rais

    The great party of the proletariat is treading carefully in its mild reaction to the killing of many and the carefully aimed shooting to cripple of a couple of thousand of the unarmed political prisoners protesting at the Gaza fence. With an election coming up and funding needed for the campaign I suppose that’s to be expected but on the other hand if there’s not much difference why vote?

  3. gjb

    It seems ironic that a organisation called “Labor” does little or no actual work.
    Definitely nothing that benefits the general working public who it so inaccurately believes it represents.

  4. CML

    What crap! If Labor had fought ANY of the issues articulated here, the author, and the vast majority of the MSM, would have ‘crucified’ them forever more.
    IMHO Labor has more important battles to fight in the lead-up to the next election…getting elected and saving the nation to begin with.
    When they return to power, I expect them to dismantle the Dutton edifice and return the country to some semblance of normality. If they drag the chain, their supporters will be there to set them right.
    BTW…does ANYONE believe that Ged Kearney’s speech was her just shooting off at the mouth? Roll on July and the ALP National Conference!!

    1. Rais

      Hope you’re right.

    2. A.Blot

      98% correct, the ALP National Conference is now in December. Due to the LNP grubs decision to have the by-elections on the same weekend. Now they have move it to December, where they discuss election tactics, the government will call the election before the Conference.

      1. AR

        Why would “the government (will) call the election before the Conference.” when there is going to be an almighty shitfight about offshore detention?
        Whether the policy is changed, or the proposers crushed through the Machine’s brute force, the issue will be a gift to Talcum & the Troglodytes.

  5. AR

    The ALP machine goes way back with authoritarianism, OZ Card anyone?
    Valiantly defeated by …err, Alan Jones and the libertarian and/or knuckledragging right and replaced with that epitome of benignity – the Tax File Number. And that was in the innocent halcyon daze of the mid80s, the best of Times, the worst of Times.
    Thanks a bunch.

  6. klewso

    Surprised? “One day this will all be theirs”.

    1. AR

      Dear CML, her innocence must warm the blackened shekels.. sorry, cockles, of the heart (!?) of the writhing mess.. sorry, mass, no.. stet, in the bowels of the Black Lubyanka of SussexSt, just waiting for the cloaca to burst open.

  7. Bobby

    The Greens are actually the best thing to happen to the ALP. They’ve taken all the open borders, anti-security extreme Left wing nutters out of the Party and put them in the Greens where they can do no harm.

    1. AR

      I hadn’t realised that Menzies House had a hasbara wing.

  8. Terry Mills

    To suggest that the offshore detention issue is off the Labor policy platform is far from the truth, but until Labor achieve office, they can’t introduce reasonable and sensible resettlement policies for those on Nauru and Manus without being subject to an onslaught of misinformation and scaremongering from Peter Dutton.
    To be clear, Labor policy requires the continuation of sovereign borders and the turnback of boats with the cooperation of Indonesia who have, to their credit, worked well on limiting the flow of irregular arrivals.
    Indefinite detention is a failed policy and the coalition know this but it is one of the few emotive issues they have going for them.

    1. klewso

      You mean “scaremongering from Dutton and Murdoch”?

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