May 21, 2018

Turnbull’s protection of Israel the exemplar of foreign influence

While the government rails against Chinese influence in Australian politics, it has internalised the influence of the Israeli government and its proxies.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Australia on Friday confirmed its status as one of the worst enablers of Israeli human rights abuses by voting against a UN Human Rights Council inquiry into Israel's killing of over 100 Palestinian protesters in Gaza since the end of March, including over 60 shot dead by Israeli defence forces last week. The Turnbull government joined the Trump administration as the only two nations willing to try to block scrutiny of the murder of unarmed protesters.

Faced with a hostile reaction to its siding with Donald Trump in trying to protect the Netanyahu regime, the government has since tried to claim that it only voted against the inquiry because it didn't like the wording of it, and that it has "privately" raised concerns with the Israel.

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31 thoughts on “Turnbull’s protection of Israel the exemplar of foreign influence

  1. old greybearded one

    I may well have to be an anti-Semite, because by Harry I am anti-Israel. I watch the Netanyahu regime degenerate from scumbaggery to near genocide. The POTUS has his son in law as a settlement developer. I see the Israelis as treading on the same ground as their German persecutors did in the early to mid 30s. Stealing property, removing rights, judicial executions theft.

    1. DF

      Indeed, OGO. The Netanyahu Govt is behaving like the European Fascists of the 30s, demonstrating yet again that power corrupts and the more absolute that power, the greater the corruption. As to the argument that Israel is a democracy and Netanyahu is elected, that merely illustrates what happens when leaders skew the moral compass of their nation.

  2. ALC

    Turnbull’s NBN is a complete disaster: just like his foreign policy, especially in relation to the Israel / Palestine situation. I won’t forget his stand on either issue at the next election.

  3. Steve777

    When the Republicans are in power in the USA, then if the Coalition in in power here, Australia’s foreign policy posture is one of unconditional support for the actions, policies and positions of the USA. The USA’s foreign policy position under the Republicans is unconditional support for the actions, policies and positions of Israel, so that is therefore Australia’s position. Australia will stand tall, often with Guam, the Marshall Islands and other US client states, to support our imperial masters.

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    1. Bill Hilliger

      In short Australia is a vassal state of the USA. Since WW2 it always has been.

    2. Bill Hilliger

      In short Australia is a vassal state of the USA. Since WW2 it always has been.

  4. kyle Hargraves

    We have a very great disposition to gutlessness in this country and the tendency is increasing. Examples abound in boardrooms, sporting issues, [regarding cheating (drugs and sandpaper etc.)] or even mattes with ASIC. As a country we seem to be morphing away from the Phylum Chordata towards Arthropods. Such is only too evident in international relations as they affect foreign affairs.

    However, does anyone actually give a damn? I suggest that the answer is “no” – but – ditto for Foreign Policy in general with the possible exception of ‘boat-people’ – on occasion.

    O.G.O does not have to be an “anti-Semite” (“Semitic” actually and a geographical and NOT a religions adjective) by being anti-Israel. One can be anti-Zionist and thus be anti-Israel (with 100% consistency). The borders of Israel are utterly artificial.

    1. sjterry

      A small point?: Israel is the only country in the world without borders…
      E.g. That “ fence” in Gaza is not a “border” as Israelis would report…

  5. [email protected]

    Excellent analysis.
    “Until every resident of the land over which Israel enforces control has equal rights and protections under the law it’s not a democracy” David Rothkopf

  6. Norm

    Accusations of anti-Semitism are not almost reflexive, they are absolutely iron-clad reflexive. Which is why I no longer give a flying fig. If I choose to comment on the policies of the state of Israel, I don’t care how many critics resort to the contrived bullshit of labelling me an anti-Semite. After all, when I commented on Israeli policies under the leadership of Yitzhak Rabin it was with considerable regard and respect. But since Rabin’s murder by the hardline settler movement there is simply nothing good to be said. Grosser Izrael, und lebensraum im Ostbank. Grotesque.

    1. ALC

      I’m with you Norm: I think the Israel Lobby and their apologists have worn this mantra thin. Nowadays the media is generally under their control, even the Age newspaper is afraid of upsetting them – look what happened to Mike Carlton. That doesn’t stop the “man in the street” from seething at the murder and land theft they perform. They can call me what they like: I don’t care! I hope I live to see them all get their comeuppance.

  7. Woopwoop

    Well said BK. This is why I subscribe to Crikey.

  8. 124C4U

    The real Capital of the Seppo Govt. is in Jerusalem.

  9. Richard

    One way to tackle the ludicrous smear of “anti-semite” leveled against the supporters of Palestinian Human Rights is to make it very clear that and that alone is the issue.
    Also to point out the opposition of SA apartheid was never seen as being anti Afrikaans, or Dutch Reform.
    However, it is a common tactic of the pro Israel sayanim to sidle up to Palestinian supporters and needle and interrupt and generally provoke, to thus turn around and throw this stupid label,m in hope of a shocked silence in response.
    They don’t know what to do when we laugh at them.

  10. Richard

    Given the population of Jews in the world is approx 0.5%, the populations in the US and Australia are approx 2%, and approx 50% of them are actually Zionists, it is a legitimate question to ask why so many of them are now in positions of utmost authority and why so many politician are such a jelly spined, craven accomplices of the war crimes we see enacted repeatedly in the Occupied Territories.
    2 million people are being kept prisoner in Gaza of which 50% are children.
    Because of the dreadful environmental conditions (in particular the soil and ground water are dreadfully contaminated as a result of repeated Israeli assaults, infrastructure destruction and water thefts) they are being slowly poisoned.
    What are our political jelly fish going to do about it??

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