May 21, 2018

World media may have gone overboard on royal wedding coverage

The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drew tens of millions of viewers and an absurd number of newspaper lift-outs. Here's how it went down around the globe.

Emily Watkins and Glenn Dyer

Media reporter / Crikey business and media commentator

Harry and Meghan gave the greatest gift of all to the world's media with their wedding on Saturday: content.

At home, Sydney's Daily Telegraph followed up the Sunday Telegraph's 24-page lift-out with another 12-page lift-out today, including a souvenir poster. The Herald Sun in Melbourne had four pages today, and a 24-page lift out yesterday. The NT News, of course, went for the cheekiest cover photo for its Sunday paper, the Sunday Territorian.

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8 thoughts on “World media may have gone overboard on royal wedding coverage

  1. rumtytum

    Talk about “over the top”! How about this Crikey article. I have to say that this will not be the first thing I will read about the Royal wedding. I’ve read nothing so far and won’t read this.

  2. kyle Hargraves

    At the very great risk of appearing, unnecessary, ad-hominem , Emily, : “just how old are you”? Do you remember the wedding of Harry’s mother? I don’t expect you to remember the wedding of Harry’s grandmother (and I wasn’t about either) but you might have undertaken some research given the numbers that you have thrown about like confetti regarding the Megan and Harry event. As to the event in 1981 the Commonwealth had six months of mush prior to the wedding. At least, this time about, the Commonwealth was spared the worst of it.

    1. klewso

      All that commercial ad space sold on the back of this “spectacle”…..
      ……. Meanwhile the tabloidisation of Guthrie’s ABC continues apace? I can understand Crabb being indulged to go watch and report back via satellite (after all Sales went to the US “to interview Comey” …. when satellite obviously “wasn’t good enough” then?) – but why the heck would “Token” Fernandez agree to play ‘a pologia’ in that farce?

  3. Graeski

    As someone who had a perfectly good game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ ruined on Saturday night due to a stampede to the telly at a most inopportune time, “Ya think?”

  4. 124C4U

    Look like CrikeyEmily jumped overboard with the rest of them.
    Don’t bother with launching the rescue boat.

  5. CML

    If media reports are to be believed, this obscene extravaganza cost around $60 million…about $10 million on security alone (paid for by the UK taxpayers no doubt!)
    With a good many of the world’s children dying of starvation and war, I couldn’t bring myself to watch more of the ‘haves’ displaying their superior wealth to the ‘have nots’…and have the latter lap it up, like a mob of sheep!
    Totally gross…bring on the republic!!!!

  6. AR

    OK, you felt the need to report it.
    Is that it? Over?

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