May 18, 2018

Liberal Party: Civil War — a blockbuster in the making

Will the Liberal civil war provide as much entertainment as Labor’s night of the long butter knives?

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Victorian Liberal state president Michael Kroger

The Liberal Party civil war has begun! From tunnels dug beneath Athenaeum Clubs, chi-chi little eastern ‘burbs trattorias, and the worsted section of Henry Bucks, members of insurgent group, the Lib Ming* have burst out, all guns blazing, blood spattering their black chinos. They’re fanatical, they’re organised, and they are of one mind: to halt the party’s creeping sideways moves towards "socialism" at state and federal level.

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7 thoughts on “Liberal Party: Civil War — a blockbuster in the making

  1. Xoanon

    I should be amused, Guy, but actually you’re scaring me. How is this country to get the leadership it sorely needs when the major paries are becoming even further a pair of theatrical performing companies with no interest in the common good?

    1. Bethany Challen

      Perhaps this is the only way as they tear themselves apart the Australian public might just be roused from apathy and start a real revolution!

  2. AR

    Niemöller for the 21stC? “First they are ignored, then pitied, later derided, mocked and excused as “poor things who can’t help it”, but when we stop laughing it’ll be too late”.
    The Short March through the Institutions – who said that tories, unlike the higher primates, can’t learn, even if only by mimicking Trots?

    1. Jeff Mueller

      The Short Commcar Ride to The Senate is the IPA alumni’s favoured journey.

  3. Voter

    It’s about time the centre-right entered the Liberal political stage. A bit of common sense for all!

  4. rhwombat

    Mikey don’t surf. So that was Mikey Baird’s mistake…wrong apocalypse.

  5. john OCallaghan

    I could’nt care less what these neo con idiots get up to,but i really enjoyed this article for the humour and the occasional satire,more please..very funny and enjoyable!

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