Razer's Class Warfare

May 17, 2018

Razer: I had John Howard all wrong

Either Helen Razer spent 11 years overthinking Howard, or Howard spent the last 11 learning to believe his own cack. Either way, his submission to the Religious Freedom Review is proof that one of them is bonkers.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

The Howard Years were hostile. Well, they felt that way to me. Probably to many Muslims, to residents of remote communities and to any sod ineligible for that era’s generous welfare. Which, if you’ve forgotten, was any sod not already stinking asset-rich.

Throughout the misery of internment, I thought of John.  

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7 thoughts on “Razer: I had John Howard all wrong

  1. Jeremy Henderson

    I do believe, Helen, that you carry that fundamental belief that many of us share, that, no matter how atrocious the deeds or actions of a person, somewhere, beneath it all, there lies just a tad of decency or respect for others just waiting for a chance to escape. It seemed to happen with Malcolm Fraser, who, in 1975, I swore I would detest until death, and yet showed greater compassion than many of those supposedly to his left! Every now and then, though, we encounter an individual who, no matter what, succeeds in totally suppressing any hint of human compassion or decency, and Howard is certainly managing this very well. Better, though, to be disappointed by these failures than to descend to the cynicism of hopelessness that they are all irredeemably evil!

  2. Frank Dee

    Helen, that last bit sounds like you’re predicting the rise of the Republic of Gilead.

  3. Bill Hilliger

    Many see lucky John Howard as an unconvicted war criminal.

  4. Bill Hilliger

    Many see lucky John Howard as an unconvicted war criminal.

  5. AR

    I barely survived slogging through that psychological swamp – MzRaz is showing worrying signs of emulating HG Wells’ final work, “Mind at the End of Its Tether.” and he had a good one – able to encapsulate the human condition in 34 pages.

  6. StrayMuttsInc

    Dutton says religious schools should be allowed to sack gay teachers.
    Cos god hates homosexuals, I presume.
    Or maybe he approves of bigotry.
    And homophobia.
    Or Dutton is a complete dickhead . . .

  7. Maggie Galley

    I never liked John Howard his rebuke of millions who did not want to go to war is evidence of the liberal mantra born to rule. a public presentation of arrogance.
    We were right look at the mess we are in now and all under christian values. He did have some mystical sway with ordinary people. He did not get to me but I could his power if persuasion

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