May 17, 2018

Nationals reject science to keep sheep slaughter afloat

The National Party has succeeded in keeping the brutal live sheep export industry alive, insisting that the bureaucrats at the heart of its failed regulatory system can be trusted to fix it.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud

The government has rejected evidence of the animal welfare impacts of live sheep exports to the Middle East in warmer months in favour of an "independent" report by a former consultant to one of the worst violators of current rules -- and despite admitting the Department of Agriculture lied to it.

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24 thoughts on “Nationals reject science to keep sheep slaughter afloat

  1. Paul

    All sounds a bit like the banks all over again. I guess we will have to wait until we have a civilized government before anything changes.

    1. AR

      Don’t hold your breath, gumBoil Shlernt waffles on about “phasing out over ten years. Or longer…”.

  2. Marcus Hicks

    Putting the interests of multinational Agri-businesses ahead of the needs of local communities, as always. Why does regional Australia blindly elect these morons?

  3. margaret handasyde

    Littleproud amongst almost all Liberals, have no intention to observe the principals of animal welfare. Money and power are their sole concern.

  4. Desmond Graham

    It is not the politicians not doing their job – as has come to light other government agencies it is the permanent employees not doing their job.
    I have always maintained that the show UTOPIA was a documentary not a TV entertainment genre.

    What about a Royal Commission into the public service?

  5. Lee Tinson

    What on earth are our politicians even allowing live export? I know there’s a conflict with our laws and HALAL, but isn’t this the sort of thing we expect our politicians to resolve? Also, that conflict is very convenient for the people engaging in this unbelievably cruel practice.

    It makes no economic sense to export live animals when it would be so easy to ship properly processed frozen meat. I’m sure we could provide a fully equipped butchery (or 5 or 6) to process according to halal specs and still make a roaring profit. A few 457 visas for trained halal slaughterers and the thing is nailed. Hell we could even introduce a TAFE course!

    What do you say, Mr. Littlepride?

  6. Graeski

    So – we can’t have Halal-certified products on our supermarket shelves because that is unAustralian and supports terrorists, but we can torture sheep in order to satisfy Halal laws and to feed terrorists? Hypocrisy, thy name is National Party.

  7. Bethany Challen

    Poor little sheeps…. 🙁 As I recall David LittleToBeProudOf stated in his interview today that farmers primary concern was the welfare of their animals. This is patently not true. I don’t however condemn any primary producer for trying to make a living in extremely tough conditions, including being screwed over by da da The Banks! But this cannot be allowed to continue and I just hope hope hope that the next Government is a) Labor b) ballsy enough to phase it out altogether! We all hope for many things though that we don’t usually receive!

  8. graybul

    Viewing mass of shattered, exhausted sheep jam-packed. Transported, living animals no more, no less . . . nihilism! Still can retrieve, review. We, an elevated species, expended millions of lives. Inhumanity. One animal disposing of others, in the millions.

    And in the vision an only difference: echoes, monotonous thud of engine, slap, rolling motion. Smell of salt, fear, desperation. No real difference at all; just jolt, rattle, clanging of iron wheels. Fear, death and desperation . . .

  9. Mary

    What a sad joke. Just heard the ABC characterize McCarthy’s report as being “independent”. This man has been up to his neck in the live animal export trade which is dependent on industrial animal cruelty for years as Bernard points out. Ultimately it is the federal government which is responsible for this obscene trade and the many animal deaths and suffering. Can’t wait to see the back of the current lot.

    1. Bill Hilliger

      Easy to understand, the LNP supports cruelty to animals if the are $$$$ to be made.

    2. margaret handasyde

      Mary, can’t agree with you enough!.

  10. Raaraa

    A bit off-tracked but I think even avoiding “warmer months” wouldn’t help as the ships have to cross the equator to get to the export market. The tropical weather will be hard to avoid.

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