Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The recent massacre of Gazan Palestinians by Israeli security forces marks a new stage in the region’s history: the point at which the Israeli government has gone from being in the Likud/"revisionist" heritage, to being an Irgun government.

In the 1920s, the Zionist movement split, as the end of World War I failed to bring a Zionist state. Ze'ev Jabotinsky, an Istanbul-based journalist and activist, scorned the original Zionist vision of a paternalist colonialism, in which native Arabs would be treated like children raised up by Europeans. They will never accept us, Jabotinsky said, so we need to take the land by force, on both sides of the Jordan River, expel or subdue an Arab minority and build an "iron wall". Ataturk’s creation of modern Turkey out of the Ottoman collapse was one inspiration; Mussolini was another.