You might have seen occasional reports about the ongoing political uncertainty in Italy following the March election. Maybe you dismissed it as a continuation of, well, the last 70 years of Italian politics. But with Five Star Movement and the League parties set to join forces, this is definitely not business as usual as far as the European Union goes. has an explainer on what it means for Europe, and why it’s (yet another) win for Vladimir Putin. Meantime, Gallic hopes that French will become the, um, lingua franca of the EU in the wake of Brexit have been dashed — the absence of the Brits will mean English could become the new neutral language of the union.


Good old-fashioned wargaming is coming back into style for generals, armchair and otherwise: a board game based on the UK National Cyber Security Strategy, in which players take turns playing as Russia and the UK, is proving a valuable training aid for military and policy planners confronting the possible impacts of a cyber war (can a movie based on the game be far behind)?