Sunday Tele's "inaccurate" report. The Sunday Telegraph has been found in breach of the Australian Press Council standards for an article that implied a woman's death was caused by her son. In an article published on July 30, the council found that the headlines ("Mum died from her toddler's sickness" and "Dead mum Imogen Petrak may have caught pneumococcal disease from her child") were inaccurate. It found that the Sunday Tele didn't take reasonable steps to make sure its story was accurate, that it should have printed a correction, and that it breached the family's privacy. The article referred to Petrak's 17-month-old son's vaccination status and her blood test results.

"The council accepted there is a strong public interest in reporting on matters of public health. However, having regard to the unusual medical circumstances surrounding Imogen's death, the relevance to the public in reporting on this matter was less strong than it might have otherwise been," the decision said. The council also found that the "substantial distress" the article caused was not justified in the public interest.