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May 11, 2018

Australia’s hopeless response to landmark Malaysian election

There's a lot to be gleaned from Malaysia's recent election, especially for the craven and silent Australian government.

Michael Sainsbury — Freelance correspondent in Asia and <em>Little Red Blog</em> Editor

Michael Sainsbury

Freelance correspondent in Asia and Little Red Blog Editor

Najib Razak

Najib Razak

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak has suffered a breathtaking defeat by 93-year-old Mahathir Mohamad, the former leader of Razak's party, in the country’s May 9 election.

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7 thoughts on “Australia’s hopeless response to landmark Malaysian election

  1. MJM

    From this sorry catalogue you have omitted reference to Abbott’s commitment to the costly search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, missing since March 2014 and still not found.
    “Malaysia is just one more example of Australia’s drop-dead hopeless “commitment” to anything close to truth-speaking about its neighbours.” We are a dreadful neighbour – there is no gainsaying this awful truth.

  2. AR

    What odds that there will be another try for a Malaysian Solution #2 to boat people if Labor falls over the line?

    1. bushby jane

      I think that the High Court have ruled this out because they aren’t signed up to some human rights convention, shame because it seemed like a good idea.

  3. James O'Neill

    Michael, there are other examples to add to your list of craven silence by our alleged “Liberal” government. What about the genocide being waged on Yemen by our “ally” Saudi Arabia, about whom Pyne sees an export opportunity for more weapons. Or the ongoing slaughter of and land theft from the Palestinians by another “ally”, Israel. Or the rampant neo-Naziism and breaking of the Minsk Accords by Ukraine. Or the appalling conduct of the UK government over the Skripal alleged poisoning, including but not limited to blatant lies, “D” notices to the media, and the abduction of Yulia Skripal in defiance of the Vienna Convention among other breaches of international law.
    It seems our apology for a Foreign Minister only has words of criticism when the actions are by the enemy du jour.

  4. AR

    Rather than M/S2, why not cut out the ‘middle-men’ and try Indonesia #1, fund them to intern wannabes.
    After all, they know who they are, being allowed free entry to Indonesia at the airport, with full documentation.
    After all, they are the responsibility of Australia, why?

  5. Paul

    Sorry but isn’t Bishop the one who was touted, by all of the Australian media, as Australia’s finest FA Minister when she took the Security Council seat that she tried to stop Labor getting?

    Competence has never been a word you could use to describe her, or any other L/NP Minister, privileged, arrogant, wealthy, vain and probably corrupt are all better descriptors. It is great that the truth of the Turnbull government is coming out day by day, we can only hope that it is reported widely enough for Turnbull to suffer the ultimate political cost, loss of government and his own seat.

  6. Arky

    It’s not really a good idea to comment on other peoples’ elections if you want to maintain good relations. It’s also ineffective. Individuals can indulge in “truthspeaking” for no benefit, governments have broader responsibilities.

    Criticising the state of democracy in Malaysia all these one-party years would also be a de facto backhander to half the world’s governments. And for what?

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