Did you catch our special budget edition last night? It may have been a bit of an average budget, but there are still plenty of important changes to get across. Especially if you work at the ABC… We asked readers for their responses, and you can add your own below.


On the budget generally:

Tracey Ellery writes: If Australia was a startup, then they wouldn’t be getting seed capital from me. This budget shows that the notorious “J curve” in forecasting is still alive and well. Adding to that, their forecasts go out well beyond their current manage tenure, which means they have no skin in the long game, and are also subject to the uncertainty of the Senate. You would have to seriously consider that risk profile.

Perhaps Morrison could front up for a special edition of something like Shark Tank and see how well he fares. It would make interesting viewing.

David Rivett writes: The budget stinks. Again we see high income earners reap a huge windfall when the 37% rate is cut in the future, while average income earners get much less, with low income people blessed with a pittance. This flat tax rate/flat earth tax system will enhance income inequality if this government has its anti egalitarian way.

Barry Welch writes: Turnbull and Morrison have spent the last two years chopping both legs off ordinary Australians, cutting and slashing at the most vulnerable and least financially secure. Now Mal and ScoMo are offering us half a foot and expecting us to dance with them at the next election.

Brian Crooks writes: ScoMo’s last budget before he’s thrown out of office. This is nothing more than a con job: tax cuts for the very wealthy, nothing for welfare recipients, $65/$80 billion given to the big corporations, old repeats about infrastructure spending that’s been allocated before, nothing for health or education, the ABC is being strangled to appease Murdoch…

The worst thing of all is the simple fact that the corporate tax cuts are payments to guarantee electoral funding and advertisements for the Coalition because the Liberal Party is broke and Turnbull won’t fork out another $1,750,000 again. This is Labors big chance to use the taxation savings they’ve announced to help the needy and fund the services that are being strangled by this economically corrupt government and get the corporations to pay tax on all profits earned in Australia and restore the country to what it was before these bastards destroy it completely.

John writes: [The budget] bores me shitless. I know it will screw all but the government’s mates.


On Bernard Keane’s claims the budget is “a parlour game for the governing class”:

Angela Giblin writes: We live in Canberra’s north. We have almost never seen a federal politician here. Occasionally Andrew Leigh can be seen. I have never noticed the Canbera’s “night of nights” taking place at all. Canberrans can sometimes spot politicians at the airport, or in Manuka or Kingston at particular restaurants. By the way, there are people living in poverty in Canberra.

Zut Alors writes: Ah, the lockup, a strange and arcane tradition which achieves zilch as much of the budget is willingly leaked by the government. Some of us recall the era when Crikey was banned from the lockup — heady times indeed. In hindsight, we didn’t realise what a blessing in disguise it was for the Crikey journo.


On the budget cuts to the ABC:

Ginger Rogers writes: I think you people need to stop attacking Guthrie. I’m no great fan of the changes she has made. I find it utterly laughable or risible when people accuse the ABC of being left wing. It’s become very middle of the road to the extent we now have serious debates broken up by music breaks. But, if with such changes, a government-appointed head STILL cops a budget cut, that tells you the government has a death wish out against our public broadcaster. Attacking the head who probably has tried her best to shield the institution from such low kicks in the gut is what the ABC’s enemies like to see. Increasingly there’s no diversity in media here. It’s being reduced to the lowest common denominator.

Glenn Rogers writes: The ABC needs more funding, not less. The LNP have lost their way and will lose the election and Australia will be better off for it.

Heidi Winnen writes: Rupert Murdoch will be delighted! This will be the quid pro quo for his blatantly pro-LNP media outlets.


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