May 9, 2018

‘Ideological and vindictive’: reactions to ABC budgets cuts

ABC staff have responded to new $84 million cuts to the broadcaster's funding, which union officials are calling a highly politicised attack against an already besieged vital service.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Michelle Guthrie

The government's cuts to ABC funding in yesterday's federal budget have left managing director Michelle Guthrie "disappointed and concerned", she said in an email to staff last night. "This decision will make it very difficult for the ABC to meet its charter requirements and audience expectations," she said.

Guthrie said in a public statement that the cuts could not be absorbed by efficiencies. "Stable, adequate funding is essential if we are to continue to deliver for Australian audiences," she said. The ABC would continue to negotiate its funding requirements for the next three-year funding period, the statement said.

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57 thoughts on “‘Ideological and vindictive’: reactions to ABC budgets cuts

  1. pinkocommierat

    You’d think a government this unpopular would stop trying to antagonise people. Too dumb to change.

    1. Saugoof

      This government does live in a bubble though where everyone keeps telling them that the ABC is biased and unpopular. To this government, they’ll see these cuts as something that will be wildly popular.

      1. Wayne Cusick

        “Everyone” being NewsCorp?

        1. mikeb

          Erik Abetz is unhappy that more wasn’t taken away.

          1. margaret handasyde

            You can’t take notice of old Eric, he’s unhappy with everything and everyone: Jillian Triggs, Yassmin Abdel Magied, Sue Hickey, Richard Collbeck, Rainbow Flags and on and on. The only entity that escapes Erik’s wrath is God but nobody knows what God thinks of Erik. Now the ABC can be added to Erik’s hit list, but wait there will be more.

  2. DF

    Simple – ABC stop inviting Ministers on for their sales pitches, oops I mean ‘interviews’, on News and Current Affairs shows. Starve them back.

    1. margaret handasyde

      The ABC, the most prestigious and insightful platform for political interviews may well be limited here on. The bias seen by right wing politicians has been long standing and corrosive and thereby resulted in punishing budget cuts. Those who value the ABC will hopefully see this as a reason not to vote for such authoritarians.

    2. Jaquix

      Agree! They wont like that.

  3. Marcus Hicks

    Maybe now the ABC will realise that trying to be overly supine towards the Coalition is a pointless gesture……as they’ll be punished regardless of what they do.

  4. Marcus Hicks

    Simple question. How come ABC has lost over $80m, yet a private company like Foxtel was able to get $30m courtesy of the tax-payer? Why are more questions not being asked about this?

    1. Suzie_darling

      Good question Marcus. I wonder about this too. It couldn’t possibly be linked to Murdoch’s support of the government could it??

  5. Kenneth Piaggio

    I suppose it is understandable.
    If you systematically make it harder and harder for the voters to be factually informed it does make it easier for the ruling government party to treat them ‘like mushrooms’, especially in the lead up to an election.
    Now, all they have to do is neuter Get Up!

  6. Kohler

    While I disagree with the cuts, to say about is impartial is a lie.
    It leans further and further left ever year, speaking more for the idealists and less for the pragmatists.
    I say this as someone who thinks we must elect labour at the next election.
    The ABC just doesn’t do a good enough job of being impartial.

    1. Kohler

      ABC autocorrected to about, the first time.

      1. pjp

        Your assertion that “it” is leaning further and further to the left has no basis in fact – you’ve bought the spin.

    2. Marcus Hicks

      What a load of utter rot. You ever watch The Drum? Always at least one IPA member on that show. Similarly, several 7:30 Report journos are quite Right Wing, & give Conservative MP’s an easy ride every time they appear on the show.

      1. klewso

        Nurture over nature – if the likes of Morrison are as amoral as they are it would have a lot to do with the way Limited News don’t just defend them, but run offensives against those that contradict them; and the likes of Leigh “Sweet & Sour” Sales, when about the toughest she’d ever been on him was to ask him how his Sharks would go a semi-final : contrasting with her cynical carping, sniping and sceptical excoriating premised assumptions when it came to grilling Labor, the Greens and the likes of Triggs?
        The fawning over Turnbull and what she allows to ‘go through to the keeper’ when it’s Dutton?

    3. brian crooks

      one look at the shrivelled sour face of Guthrie is enough to make any man pledge eternal bachelorhood, its remarkable how the inner person is expressed in the outer person, Pauline Hanson is another good example this, like a boil, sooner or later the pus comes out.

    4. brian crooks

      Kohler, while I understand your extreme disappointment in and reluctance to be identified as a coalition supporter, its very difficult to imagine you voting anything but Tory, anybody blind enough to believe the ABC is left leaning is clearly a coalition supporter, and of course you are entitled to be as misguided as you like, but please don`t imagine the rest of us are as well. the intelligent 20/30% swinging voters have long ago made up their collective minds that this mob of intellectually starved idiots in this econimically illiterate government must go.

  7. Pollietragic

    So approx $20Bill of the proposed $80Bill tax giveaway to business will go to the 4 major banks, but $84Mill will be screwed back from the ABC. Apparently the LNP think that some Free Speech costs too much, particularly if it highlights their incompetence. Oh, Murdoch will be happy, on top of the LNP’s last budget giveaway of $30Mill to Foxtel.

    The LNP is consistent – Prop up high levels of private school funding, keep cutting away at Medicare, bludgeon the unemployed, ignore rising homelessness, cut ABC funding, and historically argue against wage rises in any industrial court, let alone accept the extraordinary FWC decision to reduce wages via cutting penalty rates.
    “They are all the same” ????? Oh, purleeese.

  8. Jolyon

    Looks like “Mad as Hell” will have to go. Scomo likes it.

    1. klewso

      Maybe that’s what he wants?

  9. zut alors

    The Turnbull government’s priorities are clear. Instead of adequately funding a thriving national public broadcaster – acknowledged as the most trusted news source by the majority of Australians – they tossed $30M to Fox for women’s sport.

    It seems that any toadying done by the ABC to various ministers has not been rewarded, quite the opposite. ABC interviewers and management should no longer pull their punches when dealing with the Turnbull government, the organisation’s survival is now dependant on a Labor government.

    1. Tinatoerat

      Thought bubble coming up: make it illegal to give any money to private companies at the budgetary level. Government budget gets spent on government.

      I am pro women’s sport, more than I am pro sport at all.

    2. Arky

      They tossed 30 million to Foxtel with no documentation.

      The only sign it was for women’s sport is that someone thought to make that the public excuse.

      1. klewso

        “Publicity to the less patronised sports” – like ABC baiting?
        …… That you then had to pay to Murdoch’s FUX to watch?

        1. klewso

          … as for that Limited News Party “public excuse” – to cover the reality? Like “To stop the drownings”?

  10. john OCallaghan

    Every politician should have a big sign on their wall to be seen as soon as they walk through their door…. Do Not Tamper Amend Or Generally Attempt To Dismantle The ABC Or Medicare To Do So Will Invite Electoral Sucide!

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