May 8, 2018

ABC blindsided by cuts

As one of the Coalition's traditional enemies, the ABC has been come in for a drubbing in this budget.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The ABC is one of the biggest victims of the 2018-19 budget, with the government slashing $83.7 million from the national broadcaster over its forthcoming funding triennium, which commences in 2019.

The ABC and SBS operate on a triennial funding basis, in which a funding envelope is agreed over three years. However, the government has indicated that the ABC will not merely receive no additional funding in the 2019-22 triennium, it will face a real funding cut.

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10 thoughts on “ABC blindsided by cuts

  1. klewso

    Revenge – this government can’t stand scrutiny or criticism of any sort.
    …… “Why can’t the ABC be like Rupert’s Limited News?”?

  2. graybul

    No surprises here . . . gagging the peoples voice proceeds apace. Only two further planks remain. Removal of the ‘independent’ clauses from ABC Charter and; begin process of relocating accountabilities from ABC Board, to Ministry of Home Affairs. After all, we cannot have unaccountable commentary when national security is under threat?


    I’m a bit surprised to learn that the ABC is still one of the Government’s “traditional enemies” – more like the Coalition is one of the ABC’s “traditional enemies”! Look at the way the panels on The Drum and Q & A have been shifting to the right! Look at the way the IPA and Centre for Independent Studies are given huge platforms. Yet despite all of its supine behaviour, the ABC is still cut! Bowing your head to the Coalition just doesn’t work, ABC!

    1. Jimbo

      Thank you, Richard. Would you propose a purge of management starting at the top? That would be followed by a plan to properly fund the ABC in the interests of Democracy.

  4. 2bobsworth

    At the same time the ABC gets its LNP medicine, the News Corp/ Sky TV machine will rake in most of the big campaign funds raised by the BCA, the Big Business/ Liberal Tax Cut brigade. Also , incidently, a newly announced Govt. handouts to Movie Studio owners ( Fox anyone?) to encourage Jobson Grothe get a staring role in the Australian film industy.
    Follow the money,

    1. ChipsNbeer

      All that BCA cash going to Sky/Newscorpse is a good thing. Nobody watches Sky anyway.

  5. Peter Wileman

    Cut the ABC, Cut Education, Cut R&D, but keep the god botherers in the schools.
    Andrews, Abbetz, Canavan, Abbott have to be kept happy with funding to keep their imaginary friend happy

    1. [email protected]

      The ‘imaginary friend’ would NEVER go along with that crew of fascists!

  6. [email protected]

    All that brown nosing by the ABC wasted eh?

  7. AR

    Crippling the ABC would seem to be a prime objective of this government – who knows what new corporate/government scandals might be discovered if it were not cut to the bone?

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