A month on from Agriculture Minister David Littleproud's furious theatrics in response to revelations of the sickening conditions of live export sheep carriers, nothing has been done -- despite even more horrific footage emerging. That's exactly as some of us predicted, and exactly how the National Party has handled the issue since the Coalition got back into power.

In that time, three more live sheep export vessels have been allowed to depart for the Middle East by the Department of Agriculture despite violating the department's own standards for on-board stocking. And the company at the centre of the appalling Sixty Minutes footage, Emanuel Exports -- which has overseen tens of thousands of dead sheep on its vessels over the last two decades and which has been found to have breached regulatory requirements over 40 times since 2013 -- has another vessel, the Al Shuwaikh loading in Adelaide today, before travelling to Fremantle to load more sheep -- right at the start of the warm period for live exports to the Middle East when on-board deaths double.