Press Freedom medals awarded. The Australian Press Council has awarded this year's press freedom medals to journalist Peter Greste and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists director Gerard Ryle. Accepting the medal at an event hosted by Twitter in Sydney this morning, Greste said the award was a great honour. "This award is a chance to keep reminding people why press freedom matters," he said. Greste joined previous recipients, investigative journalist Kate McClymont and News Corp's national editorial counsel Michael Cameron, on a panel to discuss press freedom, as part of the UN's World Press Freedom Day today.

News Corp: digital platforms 'damage journalism'. News Corp's submission to the ACCC's inquiry into digital platforms' impact on the news media has been published, and, unsurprisingly, it has taken aim at the "anti-competitive behaviours" of online giants Google, Facebook and Apple. In a statement, News Corp Australiasia executive chairman Michael Miller said the cost of those free services was substantial to competition and consumers. "These costs include reducing access to a diversity of original journalism, promoting unreliable content and echo chambers, and intrusively collecting personal data; and for publishers, digital platforms are undermining our efforts to develop new advertising and subscription models and preventing us from competing on the merits," Miller said.