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Apr 30, 2018

The cost of Facebook’s free internet in Asia-Pacific

The social media monolith's efforts to grow by bringing free proprietary internet services to developing regions of the Asia Pacific has undermined press freedoms and enabled sectarian tension.

Christopher Warren

Journalist and media watcher

It’s as though social media is following tobacco: as it’s constrained by regulation and consumer reticence in the developed world, it looks to the developing world for market growth.

But as Facebook becomes the de facto internet in many parts of the Asia Pacific, it’s become a vector for racism and sectarianism; a space that excludes a free media and an opportunity for governmental surveillance and control.

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3 thoughts on “The cost of Facebook’s free internet in Asia-Pacific

  1. kyle Hargraves

    There are some scholarly articles and a few reasonable books on precisely this subject. Modeling social media as number of “degrees of freedom”; a technical phrase. A FB replacement or look-alike will likey develop in countries which deem FB hostile or at least uncooperative. The bulk of the population will not give a damn.

    We are actually at the beginning. Sales under the counter of bulk personal information, notwithstanding revised privacy policies, can be expected to continue. It will just be a matter of “mea culpa” if one is caught. As to how it will look in a decade I have’t a clue.

    1. kyle Hargraves

      should read : social media “has” a number of “degrees of freedom. I also ought to have provided examples as to countries where FB replacements exist – but they are relatively easy to ascertain.

  2. AR

    Perhaps it is an example of how quickly things change that FarceBuch is already dead whilst still expanding.
    A dynasaur too dumb to know that it is dead and lumbers on?

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