Apr 27, 2018

Victorian Greens accused of mishandling alleged assault by prominent member

A complaint regarding an alleged assault at a pre-selection event for the Victorian Greens has not been addressed, say sources.

Adele Perovic

Freelance journalist

Greens assault

The Victorian Greens state director Clare Quinn and co-conveners Rose Read and Colin Jacobs are facing allegations from within the party that they mishandled an alleged assault of a protester by a member of the state executive. In late September 2017, a complaint was submitted to the Victorian Greens detailing the alleged assault, which is reported to have been perpetrated by the convener of the Richmond Election Campaign Committee, Nina Vallins.

When approached for comment, co-convener Colin Jacobs confirmed that the complaint was subject to an "internal review" by the state executive, despite the fact that Vallins herself sits on the executive as a representative for Northern Metro Melbourne.

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7 thoughts on “Victorian Greens accused of mishandling alleged assault by prominent member

  1. [email protected]

    Oh for fucks sake, what is this mindless trivial crap, ”assault”, seriously?

  2. AR

    A sad example of what happens when people group – “then held and tightly squeezed their hand and inhibited them” – by definition they cede individuality and become less than the sum of the parts.

  3. Hugo Armstrong

    I know nothing about the Greens, but on the basis of this story I’d dismiss the charge forthwith as trivial in the extreme. It sounds like faction fighting by bureaucratic process. Can we move on to a real issue?

  4. Maisie

    Why do you choose to publish this rubbish? If they have a genuine complaint, take it to the police.

  5. rebel just for kicks

    Ah yes the good old Greens “internal review”. We can all guess how that one’s going to turn out.

    The Greens Party really don’t like it when they are challenged, do they? What did they have to fear from the pamphlets of the Sex Worker group? Unfortunately Vixen aren’t as practiced as the Greens Party when it comes to this.

    I’ve seen Ben Pennings (ex Brisbane Mayoral candidate) lie on the ground and roll against the legs of people while squealing ‘help! help!’ – all for the (edited) footage he can put on fb afterwards.

  6. Nah m8

    To the folks suggesting that what Green describes does not constitute assault — legally, it does. In Victoria, common law assault is defined as involving the application of force to the complainant’s body, either intentionally or recklessly, and without lawful justification or excuse. Squeezing someone’s hand as hard as one can fits this definition (not to mention throwing someone to the ground). Setting semantics aside, the Greens’ response to allegations of assault by their members against peaceful protestors is shocking and woeful and in my view definitely newsworthy. I’d also note that it’s a lot more difficult for sex workers to “take it to the police” than it is for populations who aren’t criminalised/stigmatised. Filing a cop report requires giving a legal name, and there have been several examples of cops not taking violence against sex workers seriously in any case.

  7. Arky

    “But I think when people are taken by surprise they don’t always act as well or as respond as well as they might.”

    Somehow I don’t think this well-worn excuse would be taken as well if it was Josh Frydenburg reacting in a similar way to a Greens protest and rightfully so. Sounds like an admission of wrong-doing by her ally to me.

    All very small-fry stuff though. Mostly serves as a reminder that the supposedly super-progressive Greens still contain this holier-than-thou segment who stop believing in a woman’s right to choose when it comes to sex work.

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