Eddie's erectile dysfunction 'fake news'. Eddie McGuire has used his Triple M Melbourne show to threaten Facebook with defamation action over an ad that appeared on the site using his name to endorse a natural erectile dysfunction drug. Apparently not having heard of the Streisand Effect, McGuire's spray on The Hot Breakfast yesterday prompted news stories including on McGuire's TV network Nine. Maguire said on radio that he was keen to let his listeners know he hadn't actually created or endorsed TryVexan with TV's Dr Phil. Triple M sponsor Gordon Legal put up defamation lawyer James Norton as an interview guest, who gave Eddie a bit of advice before agreeing on-air to take on the case.

The fake story, mocked up as a GQ article, included quotes apparently from McGuire recommending the pill, and the suggestion he'd be giving away free samples on The Footy Show.