Apr 24, 2018

Barnaby Joyce is right: political nepotism stinks

Barnaby Joyce should take some advice from his younger self and recognise the already potent threat of nepotism in an environment where parliamentarians are already too ready to rort the system.

William Summers

Independent researcher and blogger

Barnaby vs Barnaby. The former Nations leader, should listen to his 2008 self.

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I kind of like the new "carefree backbencher" version of Barnaby Joyce, with his helpful political suggestions and candid observations on modern life.

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4 thoughts on “Barnaby Joyce is right: political nepotism stinks

  1. klewso

    Just what is “qualified” to a professional partisan party elitist bozo and florid buffoon like Cousin Jethro – “The Minister for Gina”?
    Who chose to pursue the narrow interests of certain constituents before and at the expense of the greater national and public interest?
    Who thought it perfectly all right to take freebies from Rinehart (a “wedding trip” to India – with Bishop and Gambaro – to be shown off as an indicator of her political pull) – then claim the return flight for he and his then wife on our public purse? To use his parliamentary stationery to write to her kids to lay off embarrassing her in public – when she wasn’t a constituent? A $50,000 “donation” from her to his 2013 campaign?
    Who wrote-off a $90,000 CommCar, on personal interstate business, crossing a flooded creek?
    Who apparently thought we tax-payers invested $billions in the M-DBA so that his irrigator mates on the Upper Darling could plunder from it : at the expense of farmers and towns down-stream, while he joked about doing “greenies” over in the process?
    What a great “qualified” judge of anything – including public opinion and acceptable behaviour?

  2. RL

    Ah, more wit, wisdom and short term memory loss from that buffoon from Woolbrook, Tamworth, Armidale , Queensland, New Zealand; wherever he hangs his Akubra is home Barney.
    God, I wish he would just bugger off and take his weatherboard and iron humbug with him.

  3. AR

    I’m surprised that “there is already a whole troop of political spouses working in parliament — just not for politicians with whom they share DNA.
    Surely there are consanguinity laws covering that?

    1. [email protected]

      Believe the worst. You’ll be mostly right when it comes to our politicians snouts and the taxpayer funded trough.

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