Apr 23, 2018

Guy Rundle reads the Oz so you don’t have to

It's dirty work, but someone's gotta do it.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


You’ve got to love the Monday Australian, they really start your week with the wacky.

Jennifer Oriel does not disappoint in a one-week-too-late column on Israel Folau, with the usual wilful confusion about freedom of speech rights (against state limitations), and the question of how much power employers should have to limit their high-profile employees’ speech.

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11 thoughts on “Guy Rundle reads the Oz so you don’t have to

  1. RL

    Splendid stuff GR.
    Had to read a bit of the oily rag to enjoy your piece but it was worth it.

  2. Nudiefish

    That the Australia is still a thing is amazing.

    It costs money to print, no doubt, but who actually buys the birdcage liner? Subsidies can only prop it up so far?

    1. Itsarort

      The last time l handled the Monday Oz, Tally-Ho was the first thing that came to my mind. If your going to use it for something useful like the bottom of a budgie’s cage, better throw in Tuesday as well.

  3. MJM

    “Sky News is already the best 24-hour service.”

    Occasionally I watch “Live at the Apollo” One comedian recently said fun run and Sky news, were, in her opinion two of English’s greatest oxymorons. I agree.

  4. paddy

    Bravo Guy. In a column full of gems, my standout favorite was,
    Richo was actually yelling “Tsingtao! Four crab rolls!

    1. zut alors

      Indeed, that was the zinger for me. And honourable mention to ‘…because General Tso’s chicken… ‘

      Richo has likely culled more dim sum than ‘roos.

    2. John of Alphington

      Tsingtao! Four crab rolls!

      The Anzac spirit right there.

  5. klewso

    True altruism – diving for Queen’s Birthday fugu?

  6. AR

    I have no opinion on the humour content of The Garlic but the Oz is full of outrageous satire & faux factual fukwittery.
    The question, as always, is for whom do the writers imagine they are scribbling?
    Movers & Shakers I do not think.
    More likely Mr Pooter and myriad unctuous wannabes.

  7. Hawkeye

    There is this view held in some quarters that the Australian is the way the power elite speak to each other when really it’s just a crock of shite.

  8. kyle Hargraves

    I recommend as an exercise an analysis of Weekend Australian circa 1980 and now. Then there were informed and well written two+ page biographies of people that had made a significant contribution to the 20th century.

    I recall Percy Grainger being the subject on one occasion (along with his disposition for “blue roses – warts ‘n all”. Some of the news as a tad sensational but not all. As for the example provided I conjecture the author who submitted her copy accompanied by the menu would have been fired on her first day.

    Indeed : who or what is the envisaged audience nowadays?

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