Apr 20, 2018

Razer: Comey grilled lighter than tuna in a salad nicoise

The ABC's Leigh Sales questioned only the integrity of Comey -- one of the world’s leading mimics of decency -- and not of the FBI, to take just one example.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Early this morning, Leigh Sales was moved to publicly thank viewers for their reaction to an interview conducted with best-selling US author James Comey. The 7.30 presenter did not describe the majority nature of responses to last night’s broadcast, but, instead, their volume -- “huge amounts”. Still, it’s safe for us to suppose that this grateful Sales was not beset, as she so often is, with assessment of her wardrobe. We might suppose she was thankful for huge thanks.

At the time of writing, few appraisals of the Sales performance have been published. But an early sign that the praise of the many may continue by media comes from News Corp, which chose simply to recount the interview, reserve all the poop generally spent on the ABC -- "cultural Marxist”, “elite”, “unnatural soldiers in the war against gender” etc. -- and even used the verb “grill” to describe the Sales technique. Almost a compliment.

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34 thoughts on “Razer: Comey grilled lighter than tuna in a salad nicoise

  1. mary wood

    I did not watch the interview because I cannot stand Leigh Sales, but can’t say I am surprised by this critique. Don’t think I have ever heard her ask an insightful question, and she gallantly avoids any follow-up digging into her interviewees statements even when it is blindingly obvious to anyone with half a brain.

    1. Jim Egan

      Some time ago I ranted to a friend that Comey opened up the investigation of Hillary 2 weeks before the election because he was betting on her winning anyway and he wanted to look even handed after giving her a free pass earlier at the behest of Lynch and ultimately Obama. Guess what? Thats basically what he said in his book!!

      The guy is a narcissist who does not even realize his admissions as a political player. His leaking of his notes of a meeting with Trump to his mate with instructions to leak to the press is not leaking according to Comey. He saw it as an act of higher purpose. Hello??? This guy admits he is not perfect. He lied to people about being a top school basketballer at his 6ft8 height and they believed him. Faaaa…..++++rk

    2. Russ

      You’re right – Leigh Sales is a barely adequate interviewer who seems to be under-prepared and less than enthusiastic in most of her work.
      I’d love to see an examination, maybe in Crikey, on why the ABC persists in trying to give individuals tenure and attempt to create ‘stars’, rather than rotate it’s talent with respect to subject matter for example.

      1. AR

        Barbara Waters she ain’t. For which we all,perhaps, should be grateful but perhaps a skerrick of Nancy Drew would not go amiss?

  2. David Thompson

    Unwatchable, H, right from the moment it was first trumpeted (HA! cheap, I know).
    Ferguson did a lot of us a favour, back when she interviewed Killary – she destroyed the last remaining vestiges of the myth that the ABC still ‘do’ journalism.
    That might sound harsh, but more and more like me are tired of majority media practitioners pissin’ about, while the major life threats either get ignored, or are messaged away in a hail of mediocrity and narrative compliant job preserving tripe.
    Real journalism? This is real journalism, from a real journalist;
    Roger Waters didn’t just provide Max Blumenthal with the details of the attempts to have him join ‘the lobby’, he got up on stage and denounced it, and all who sailed on that ship.
    It may have changed since earlier today but, when I had a look, the only Western media outlet to make mention of this attempted corruption of the public mind was the goddamn Daily Mail!
    I mean, come on! Ol’ Roj is a music legend!
    Oh, BTW, Maxie has a new doco on the way –
    Watch the 2nd of the 2. It’s a bit longer, and opens with a brilliant representation of how modern media really functions.

    1. David Thompson

      Edit; “major Western media outlet”.

  3. MJM

    I have stopped watching 7:30 so I was not one of the 1.07 million viewers cited below. Sales is too pedestrian and lets people get way with outrageous claims and remarks by not following them up with further questions.

    Instead I now watch old re-runs of Spicks and Specks on ABC 22. It’s funny, very good tempered and good natured, and informative – 7:30 is none of these.

  4. Venise Alstergren

    Ye Gods, I hope I’ll never have to suffer an amateur interview like this again. Time after time James Comey turned every question into a blatent example of “Who me? Little old me?” It was James Comey- once head of the FBI, who ran Vladimir Putin, ex head of the KGB, a close second in the art of prevarication in what was a joint effort of irredimable tatt.

  5. leon knight

    I watched most of it, and I don’t think much of her performances since Malcolm started kicking the ABC bucket either – but I must admit I did not apply Helen’s critical eye and a healthy application of cynicism.
    Comey does come across brilliantly as Mr Nice Guy, but logic should warn you that it takes a certain amount of bastardry to get to the top of any organisation, and especially the FBI….

    1. Hunt Ian

      My thoughts too. Comey is a spot on mimic of decency, not just any old mimic. And, however light the grilling, as perceived by Helen, she did ask the obligatory difficult questions, admittedly without follow up.

      Regardless of whether the Steele file notification might have been a Dulles style watch out and cooperate or else warning, Comey did have a compelling reason to tell Trump that it was out there. And Comey came across as smart enough to know that, far from getting Trump to oblige, he had also given Trump a reason to sack him.

      So, yes, Sales is no Alberici but this was one of her better moments.

    2. zut alors

      We must remind ourselves that the most successful con artists are Mr Nice Guy. Comey plays it with ease.

      Sales’ effort was at least better than if she was ‘grilling’ a Coalition cabinet minister.

  6. RL

    Nicely put HR.
    Flogged with a wet lettuce.
    Bit like Sarah Ferguson’s interview with Hillary Clinton.
    Flying her to the US to do this coincided nicely with school holidays.
    I could have read the book and wasted my time.
    Sales is increasingly a self indulgent bore.

  7. ken chapman

    Ahh yes your socialist roots are showing. I watched this because I thought it’d be an apology session for Trump but it wasn’t. Leigh Sales did a great job on the interview & Comey was careful to speak about himself & justice being transparent (both well done). This just wouldn’t meet the far left razer needs so just get over it.

    1. Helen Razer

      Ahh yes your failure to read any news on Comey is showing. What in blazes made you think this would be any sort of “apology” for Trump?
      And, how would an apology for Trump (or the other mob) suit a socialist understanding?
      Comey, former counsel for Lockheed Martin and an enthusiastic advocate for surveillance of private citizens, was always going to be careful about appearing to be transparent and committed to justice.
      If that is your opinion of the man or the organisation he once led, you are quite the maverick.
      “Just get over it”.

    2. RL

      And socialist roots are a problem are they Ken?
      Thanks for your thoughtful post showing deep and meaningful analysis and excellent insight.

  8. [email protected]

    I didn’t bother to watch it, Leigh’s interviews of such characters tend to be like those of a star struck teenager and little of substance is ever aired.

    And to add to the awfulness of Billary coming here again she is appearing with her fan girl war monger, baby trading monstrous coward friend Gillard.

  9. Coral SeeNQ

    Comey has become a ‘law unto himself’. He broke established protocols around ending the Clinton investigation, by making a national statement critiquing her conduct but making no finding to support prosecution. He promised to advise the Congress of any reopening of that investigation against established practice, which produced the leaked letter to the media by Republican Congressional staffers 2 weeks before the election and after prepolling had opened. There had been a 60 day rule around any discussion of investigations during election periods. It is not lost on me that this set of rogue breaches was done to a woman. It just would not have happened to a male that’s why it didn’t happen to Trump and his concurrent Russia investigation. He is a manipulative, attention seeking, vain fantasist who handed the world a President who has committed the worst crime of all, that is one of the denial of climate change and the appointment of Scott Pruitt,. The rest hopefully we might be able to recover from but with the exception of localised continued support for climate efforts his attacks on the environment are devastating and will be lasting. ( not to mention what’s come down the track for the world with the tax cut induced deficit). Trump is Comey’s lovechild, he won’t own him but he’s his. They deserve each other, and I’ll throw in Gorsuch while I’m at it.

  10. AR

    Thanks MzRaz, that was just beautiful. The S(c)ales have fallen from mine eyes about the prize prig Cummy.
    He’s really just another enforcer type thug, not unlike our own beloved Tubertrooper Dutton, perhaps after a Dale Carnegie implant.

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