Early this morning, Leigh Sales was moved to publicly thank viewers for their reaction to an interview conducted with best-selling US author James Comey. The 7.30 presenter did not describe the majority nature of responses to last night’s broadcast, but, instead, their volume -- “huge amounts”. Still, it’s safe for us to suppose that this grateful Sales was not beset, as she so often is, with assessment of her wardrobe. We might suppose she was thankful for huge thanks.

At the time of writing, few appraisals of the Sales performance have been published. But an early sign that the praise of the many may continue by media comes from News Corp, which chose simply to recount the interview, reserve all the poop generally spent on the ABC -- "cultural Marxist”, “elite”, “unnatural soldiers in the war against gender” etc. -- and even used the verb “grill” to describe the Sales technique. Almost a compliment.